The Enchanted Forest

“Say you love me,” she said, smiling in her special way.
“Maybe…” he whispered, drifting away with a myriad of fireflies glowing in the dark that night. “Will you marry me?” He wondered, in his innermost deep silence. “I love you damn, good girl”. 

At that moment, she knew, it was only a matter of time. 

“Say you promise,” she said, “I swear”, he smiled back, “Say you promise,” she said, “You never, ever try to own me “, suddenly he remembered, that old book, that ancient Persian poem they both loved, and like a melody rising together, they sealed an oath that night:

“Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth ‘You owe me’, look what happened with a love like that, it lights the whole sky ” (Hafiz) … and there were smiles, sparkling eyes, and then a kiss and then, again, a deep, deep silence. 

They stayed there for a while, savoring that familiar space, her head on his heart, his fingers lost in her hair … Yet, like passing clouds in rainbow weather, some shuddering thoughts eclipsed their sun and passed away. 

In him, still, that unease which she mustn’t know. That dangerous way she confused his mind with her vibrant, French accented, voice and her disturbing gift of guessing his feelings and thoughts so that he could no longer hide. 

In her was fear, which he mustn’t know. His vast breathtaking space she could dive in and fall through, the way he felt and saw her beyond boundaries, was the same, dangerous, sensitivity he had for feminine scent all around; the sirens’ stream that could drag him away. 

She knew he liked her passion for books and writings and dark chocolate, blueberries and cats, watercolors and drawings and stars and music and roses. 

“I promise”, she said, “I swear, I mean, I’ll never stop shining. I’ll take care of my fire, I’ll take care of all my dreams, I promise,” she said.

He Knew, she loved his music, the way he feather-like touched her, his guitar and, 

above all, his few, consistent, words.

“I promise,” he said, “I’ll take care”. 

Looking straight in her shiny eyes, while posing a flower crown on her head,“I swear” he said, “I’ll be the guardian of that secret space between us that we enlight together, honoring each other. Be sure, I will never, ever come too close to you but, when needed, you will always find me, deep, deep inside”. 

Hugging each other tightly, they started dreaming wide of tiny wooden houses and fairies, the smell of moss, enchanted forests, Scottish castles and kids, a lot of…and blueberries and snowflakes and a sort of special, jelly, apple pie, of northern lights, of paper stars, and others precious, nurturing, soul poems which would guide their paths very, very far away from there, for many and many more years through their different and separate lives, like those fireflies glowing in the dark.